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To discover in the surrounding


Musée Promenade de la Réserve Naturelle Géologique de Haute Provence:
Located in Digne-les-Bains (30 km from the Old Walls).
Away from downtown, a building steeped in history, perched on a hill of tufa, houses the exhibition halls of Promenade Museum (geology, contemporary art and temporary exhibitions).

The Butterfly Garden:

Located in Digne-les-Bains (30 km from the Old Walls).
The Butterfly Garden is located at 650 m altitude at the northern end of Digne-les-Bains, on the right bank of the river Bléone. It is part of Museum Drive Site Reserve Géologique de Haute-Provence. At the edge of the Mediterranean climate and Alpine this green oasis is home to nearly 500 plant species at the foot of the mountain Salmon. What explains the exceptionally rich in butterflies.


Musée Gassendi:
Located in Digne-les-Bains (29 km from the Old Walls).
Created in 1889, the museum occupies since 1909 the premises of a former hospital of the sixteenth century. It has collections developed over more than a century in the field of art, history and science. Each large room is introduced by a "cabinet". It makes the link between the historical period and made local history embodied by a character.

Cultural Center Alexandra David-Neel:

Located in Digne-les-Bains (29 km from the Old Walls).
The cultural center Alexandra David-Neel, comprising the museum Alexandra David-Neel, was created in 1977 after the death of the famous explorer who lived in Digne about thirty years. Guided tours and tours of the house of Alexandra David-Neel are held every day of the year, 10h, 14h and 15h30 clear (about 2h)

Museum Salagon:
Located Mane (29 km from Old Walls).
Located in Mane, near Forcalquier priory Salagon (listed building) constitutes one of the monumental complex of the Middle Ages the most notable of Haute Provence. It houses since 1981, the Conservatory of ethnological heritage of Haute Provence.

Museum of Prehistory:
Located in Quinson (80 km from the Old Walls).
The Museum of Prehistory is located inside the territory of the Natural Park of Verdon, opened its doors in 2001. Multimedia techniques most modern and hyper-realistic reconstructions give life dramatically exposed the collections, mostly original pieces from excavations in the 1960s by H. Lumley, J. Courtin and C. Lagrand. Headphones and audio-guide kiosks allow, at any age, a visit that also instructive fun.


The Museum of the Sirens and Fossils (Castellane, 1h15 from Vieux Murs)
Go back in time 40 million years with the Museum of Fossils and sirens, when the sea covered the region Castellane. In the peaceful lagoons evolved marine mammals: Sirenia (manatees family). Perhaps the origin of the myth of mermaids, their story is told using animal models size, films and videos reconstructions of landscapes.

L'Occitane (Manosque)
Please go to the L'Occitane factory situated in Manosque, free tours and tours are held Monday through Friday morning. And also get 10% off entire store.

François Doucet Confectioner (Prayer -- 15 km from the Old Walls)
Confectionery shop in the heart of prayer in the last cassoir almonds still in use, François Doucet Confectioner uses all local resources such as almonds from Provence, Provence apricot, figs Var and clementines from Corsica to you taste the best pastries, sweets, chocolate and delicatessens.
L'Ecomusée de Volx
The Ecomuseum Volx
Located Volx (20 km from the Old Walls).
Interactive tools and audiovisual sensory activities and fun ... From room to room for all audiences, Olive is revealed to the senses. Biology of the tree to its mythology, and traditional manufacture of soap from the exercise protocol of the tasting, each step of the way is an invitation to travel. On the big screen, harvesters Provence, Spain, Greece or Lebanon harvest their fruits and carry them to the mill. When the film is finished, you can sit on a bench, listen to the music of words that creates the tree, the stories of travelers and poets of the Olivier.
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The inescapable

Lavender Roads

To find fields of lavender bloom which lasts from mid-June to mid-July, you can browse routes described on this page des Routes de la Lavande.

Les Gorges du Verdon
In the extreme south of the Alpes de Haute-Provence, 1h30 drive from Old Walls, the Gorges du Verdon is one of the most beautiful sites in Europe.


Le Lac de Sainte-Croix
The same size as Lake Annecy, Lake St. Croix is an artificial lake whose dam was built in 1975. From a deep blue, the lake is at 1:15 of the Old Walls Road. You can rent pedal boats, electric boats and canoes for exploring the lake and the entrance of the Gorges du Verdon.

Le Plateau de Valensole
Only 20 minutes from Old Walls is the Tea Valensole: flat as the plains, but at an altitude of about 700 m. Lavender fields occupy the field of sight, occasionally interspersed with fields of truffle oaks. Do not miss: the lavender bloom from mid-June and mid-July.

Le Lac d'Allos
Located at an altitude of 2.230 m, Lac d'Allos is the largest mountain lake in Europe located at this altitude. Access is from a car (1h45 drive from Old Walls), an easy path to walk 45 minutes (the access road is closed in winter and regulated in July and August). A shelter located on the shores of lake lets you restore (only open in summer). The landscape is beautiful and marmots are common in this region.

The Mercantour National Park

The Mercantour National Park since 1979, protects a vast area of mountain wilderness that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea until Ubaye. The park is open for hiking.

Of course, Aix en Provence (45 minutes by motorway)
The visit of Aix en Provence is an invitation to travel through time. Its architectural and cultural heritage is accessible to all. Just walk to discover its riches.

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To visit

The village of Les Mees -- Penitents
(5 km from the Old Walls)
This place owes its reputation for strong rocks that stand over 100 meters high on the town. They are called Penitents Mées because of their shape, according to legend, they represent the monks of the Lure mountain that have been petrified (literally) by Saint Donat time Saracen invasions for being in love beautiful young women a Moorish nobleman was brought to a crusade. The rocks actually look like a procession of hooded monks their pointed hoods that are seemingly so ashamed of their desires if one knows the legend ...

Markets weekly are the ideal places to get local products, souvenirs and gifts. The main market is that of Forcalquier which takes place every Monday morning.The main weekly markets are the following:
* Monday: Forcalquier.
* Tuesday: Oraison
* Wednesday: Digne-les-Bains & Riez
* Friday: Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.
* Saturday: Digne-les-Bains, Riez and Sisteron.

The center Jean Giono
Jean Giono never left his hometown, Manosque, whose name is associated worldwide with the work of this extraordinary writer. Also the municipality of that city created does in 1992 on the initiative of the Association of Friends of Jean Giono and Family Giono, a cultural space to promote the work of the writer. Not far from this place of emotional memory that seem to represent the (home of Giono), Jean Giono Center, housed in a beautiful mansion of the eighteenth century, is both a repository of the work and a place of animations and creations.

It's a nice little road that runs through the beautiful hills of the Luberon you reach the village quietly Lurs perched above the valley of the Durance on a rocky green.


Monastery Ganagobie
Since 1992, the walls of the Priory of Ganagobie were recovered and the Benedictine Hautecombe came here to lead the monastic life in the spirit of St. Benedict and Don Guéranger.
If you are lucky enough to arrive on the set one afternoon winter you may see the blinding light of the sun projected against the church and monastery and to sing the beautiful stone soft sumptuous blaze gold. For Cluniac monks pray and work the earth, stone, stained glass, painting or illumination, equivalent to transforming the world, to make it in the likeness of God, the closer to God, to reconcile with him.



Pays de Forcalquier
In the Country of Forcalquier, every stone bears witness to the presence of the millennium man. This map of the ancient Domitian Way, perched villages of medieval, Romanesque churches and chapels, castles, farms and wealthy peasants.
Priory Salagon seat of Prefectural Museum ethnological than Ganagobie, the Rotunda Simiane Sauvan the Castle, go to the discovery of a unique heritage!

Castle Sauvan
This eighteenth century castle is classified a historical monument since 1957. The park, which has been awarded the "Remarkable Garden" in 2005 by the Ministry of Culture, is protected under the Historic Monuments since July 30, 2003.


Saint-Michel l'Observatoire
Saint-Michel l'Observatoire turns to the stars. Nearly Forcalquier in Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon, this site invites contemplation of the sky and the discovery of the universe. It is also an active place of research with hundreds of astronomers and scientists each year on mission at the Observatoire de Haute-Provence. In this region with an exceptional number of nights cleared, the Department of Alpes de Haute-Provence was founded in 1998, the Center for Astronomy.
2009: International Year of Astronomy.
Located in the heart of acres of oaks and scrub, it provides a mission to disseminate scientific culture by hosting more than 10 000 visitors per year. The site of Saint-Michel l'Observatoire, rich in natural heritage, is a place where intersect and complement basic research and knowledge transfer, practical observations and poetry of space.


SISTERON " Porte de Provence" flower city of 8000 inhabitants, 485 meters, 135 km from Marseille and Grenoble, 180 km from Nice, the birthplace of poet Paul Arene(1843-1896).
On the Route Napoleon, near the Durance, SISTERON Ongoing nurturing is a stop between the Alps and the sea "by a country ends, another begins" and marks the transition between Provence and Dauphiné. Sisteron, a strange city by its beauty, light, color.
A city by its unusual history which turns happiness and misery, glory and misery. An unusual city with its many monuments, rich, unusual. : This is an especially picturesque walled city, for its natural location along the gorge of the Durance attracts and retains the look.

Discover the Alpes de Haute-Provence through these routes: Route Lavender Route des Grandes Alpes Route Napoleon ... or accompanied by Country Guides.
Villages perched chapels isolated heart of the wildest landscapes, local produce to artisan villages ... they invite you on a journey like no other. Thanks to their circuitry "day" Discover the Alpes de Haute-Provence off the beaten track.

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